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Breakfast with amy
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From: Michael David Toth (
Date: 1991-10-24 22:45:03 PST
Okay folks, I've got some friends out at Blonde Vinyl who have been supplying me with complimentary music and inside scoops since January or so.  Unless the above counts as salary (technically it could), I'm not REALLY on the Blonde Vinyl payroll, but to help out both them and any out there in netland who might want any information on these albums and artists, I'm making myself available as a question-and-answer-man and liason to the record company here.

They're going to be sending me the new releases from Lust Control, Deitophobia, Love Life, and Acoustic Shack soon, as well as some press release type info.

For starters, here's some news:

The 1990 LSU album "Wakin' Up The Dead," previously only available on cassette, is supposed to be remixed and remastered *this week* with the possibility of a few new bonus tracks.  Look for it early next year.

Most of the artists with albums this year will have another release next year.  The only title I've heard is for the new Fluffy album, GO FLUFFY GO!.

The first Dead Artists Syndrome custom release is being re-released on BV, with a new release next year.

The Breakfast With Amy "fan club," The Amy Army, is forming, with the first newsletter out on or around March 21.  An opportunity to get otherwise unavailable recordings, videos, the works!  I'll post more about this soon.

And anticipating the question just who all is on this label:  LSU, Windy Lyre, Fluffy, Lifesavers, Black & White World, Breakfast With Amy, Dance House Children, Deitophobia, Lust Control, Love Life, Acoustic Shack, Dead Artists Syndrome, and with upcoming releases, Uthanda and Sincerely Paul.

Feel free to mail me with any questions, comments, Michael David Toth
(AS USUAL, this has nothing to do with UC as an organization...)


From: Michael David Toth (
Date: 1992-04-23 19:27:15 PST

For all of you alternative music fans, here's the latest from the bowels of the Blonde Vinyl offices.

First off:  It looks like Deitiphobia, Breakfast With Amy and LSU will be playing England's Greenbelt Festival.  It strikes me as somewhat ironic that the only place East of California that Amy & LSU are playing this summer is overseas in a country where their music isn't even officially distributed.  (I believe Dual Edge in London is the sole importer for BV in the UK right now)  Anyone want to give me a free trip to England?!?!?  :-)

Evidently, the first cut from the new Dance House Children album  "Jesus" is a HUGE hit on LA's big secular dance music station (I forget the call letters).  The song is "Once Upon Your Lips" --yes the one with the really syrupy lyrics like "Holly jolly sweet tart."  Evidently there was a big stink at the radio station AFTER it became a hit, "Wait a minute. Did you know these people are Christians?" / "Hey, if the music's good, I don't care what religion they are!  Play it!"  IMO, people who found the first Dance House venture a little wimpy and bland might enjoy this a little more.  It seems to have a little more of an identity.

For those of you wondering about the status of the Breakfast With Amy "Amy Army," most of the holdups have involved shortage of cash and resulting failure of ads in magazines and mass mailings to the mailing list to let people outside of this newsgroup actually know it exists. It's limping along, but it's still alive.  (Rumbaugh recently met with some guy at a promotional/toy company in LA, and if we ever get the capital, we're going to have some incredible merchandise;  perhaps will just start off slowly with the Breakfast With Amy plastic rhinos...) There will be BWA videos, and live/demo recordings available NOWHERE else, and a surprise to be mailed on your birthday, not to mention the twice-yearly AmyScene Magazine.  If I can figure out how to do it, I'll try to post some GIFs or something of the tentative cover for the first one and panels from the comics.

Recent releases this month and last:

*Sass o' Frass Tunic featuring Fred T. Friend "As Blue As the State Allows"  (Blues rock/gospel with Fred and Dave Koval and others from Amy)

*Black Carnation (new release from these C-stone "new band stage" alumni)

*Michael Knott "Screaming Brittle Siren" (new project from the LSU man)

*Slava Various Artists compilation (industrial/dance)

Coming between July and October (roughly in order):

*Breakfast With Amy "Love Gift" (the long lost classic Amy album between their first and "Dad"; "Tuck In Your Love Gift" plus bonus live tracks; BV finally obtained the raw masters from Relativity/Vox Vinyl, a secular label that was supposed to release it;  a masterpiece, IMO, and I can't wait to hear "Ralph's Garage," "Videos & Food," and "Bill's Shoe Shine"
in all their remixed compact disc glory;  for the full horrific story about "TIYLG", read AmyScene Magazine, the News Journal for Patrons of Breakfast With Amy and Other Low Art)

*Fluffy (the last working title I heard was "Go, Fluffy! Go!";  sounds absolutely NOTHING like the first album supposedly)

*LSU "Ellis & the Orchard" (a "rock opera" by Mike Knott;  he performed the title track a couple weeks ago at a concert in Southern California; also, at said concert, Knott covered himself in white frosting instead of the makeup treatment at C-stone '91, and he dumped a 5 pound bag of flour on the pit in front of the stage, so these people dressed entirely in black left the concert completely white...)

*Steve Scott "The Butterfly Effect" (Yesiree bob!  Your favorite Biblical arts scholar and mine reading original poetry over new, original instrumental music;  kind of like the whale poem thing, "This Sad Music," only a whole album of it;  his first new one in a long time,
and his first for the label.)

*Plague of Ethyls (Hold onto your seats for Amy guitarist Caryn Colbert's post-punk garage grunge "girl group."  The closest comparison that has been attempted for this Femme Fatale Christian alternative extravaganza was kind of like X and Sonic Youth, but not really...)


From: Michael David Toth (
Date: 1992-08-17 07:58:14 PST

Call the babysitter and gas up the car.  There's a Breakfast With Amy/ LSUnderground midwest tour in the works for this October.

All of the following are still tentative, but here's a probable tour schedule:

Tulsa, OK
Kansas City, KS
St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL
Hancock, MI
Ft. Wayne, IN
Columbus, OH
Cincinnati, OH

I will post as more specific information becomes available.  If you have at least a marginal curiosity with these bands, make a drive.  When I saw DA on their 1986 tour, I had no idea that it would probably be my only chance to ever see them outside of Cornerstone or just how unusual it really was for these kind of bands to tour.  Don't miss this chance!!!!

If you know someone who would seriously be interested in promoting a concert with these two alternative bands, feel free to e-mail me at for more information.  (Don't just hit "R" to send it to this account, but e-mail it to that other account as this ucunix thing has been giving me problems with people getting my replies)

Michael Toth

From: Michael David Toth (
Date: 1992-09-26 03:34:22 PST

 Christina Marie Smith <> writes:
I remember reading a post about a possible tour with these two bands, does anyone know anything more about this tour?  It's definitely a concert I'd love to see (especially since both bands have just released GREAT albums!)

Initially planned for October, it's on hold for awhile.  Coordinating the dates for the promoters in each city was insane for October.  I don't know, it may be even pushed to March even though Tim Cook DOES seem to have his act together ;-) ;-) .

I *will* post pertinent information as soon as it becomes available, and if there is anyone out there who promotes concerts or knows someone who does and wants to bring LSU/BWA into their vicinity, e-mail me at

One more question - I have BWA's Everything... and just got Love Gift, but never got around to investing in Dad and haven't heard anything off of it yet either.  Is it worth buying, and how does it compare to the other two albums?   >Chris

I'm definitely what you'd call an Amy Slug, but I share the band's disappointment with the first album (which is mega-rare on CD, BTW). Dad is EXCELLENT, but I still think _love gift_ better captures the essence of the band's live shows and has some better tunes.

Michael David Toth

"When I was young I think my parents plugged up my tear ducts with all-weather caulking right after I was circumcised..."  -From "Little Maxine's Epiphany" from "(love gift)"


From: TothMD (
Date: 1995/08/09

(Here's what's going on with Breakfast With Amy!  No, I was not in the band.  And no, neither of these record labels put me up to this.  So while it's not much of a press release, it's not much of a commercial garbage posting either.)

Things are really hopping right now with these disbanded darlings of the Christian Idiot Savant Garde... Gray Dot Records just released a CD reissue of their first album, "Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt" with bonus tracks.  Flying Tart also just released "Live at the Hawleywould Bowl!", a surreal bowling-alley-of-your-mind compilation of the best of the mountain of existing live recordings.  And like the still soon-to-be-released-by-Flying-Tart 3-song 7",  lime-scented-sleeved, green-vinyl "BWA Green J*llo With Oatmeal Record," it features artwork and packaging by ME!

And as sure as my own horn continues to go "Toot! Toot!" I'm also putting the finishing touches on editing "THE SOUND OF ONE HAND SNACKING: The Vicarious Breakfast With Amy Experience (Kinda Charly)".   This video will hopefully translate the Dadaist aural psychosis of the Hawleywould Bowl CD into a equally warped visual experience.  This 56-minute, moderately experimental VHS treat will be included in a Love Gift Box with misc. BWAmyrobilia.  Live and studio material, several with previously unreleased versions, are presented in glorious Hi-Fi VHS stereo sound.  The whole deal will be availaible through Flying Tart September at the latest (hopefully!).  Who knows!  If you saw Breakfast With Amy in Anaheim or at Rock of the West II, you might even see *yourself* in this video.  I'll try to get some QuickTime movie snippets from the video FTPable somewhere off the net in the next couple weeks.

Also, this video will have its public premiere at the 2nd annual Troubadours Christian Film & Video Festival Sept 13-17,1995 @ Catacombs, 276 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA.  A Columbus, OH re-screening of works from the fest is in the planning stages for later in the fall.

Michael Toth

PS --

CD copies of "...Hawleywould Bowl", as well as original Blonde Vinyl pressings of "Dad" and "Love Gift" can be ordered for $13 postpaid from Flying Tart, P.O. Box 24904, Nashville, TN  37202.  They also have copies of the "Go, Fluffy! Go!" CD and the new Fluffy, "Sugar Pistol", as well as a 7" red vinyl Plague of Ethyls EP.  The "Everything Was Beautiful..." CD can be ordered from Gray Dot Records, 117 N. Park Sq., Suite 202,Marietta, GA  30060;  e-mail sent to should reach the Gray Dot folks too.


From: TothMD (
Date: 1996/03/04

DAD hints at the bizarre, avant garde, Dada nature of the band's live performances, which the first album really seemed to miss. But the stream-of-consciousness, surreal structure of LOVE GIFT comes a lot closer to what the band was all about.  *The* definitive album, IMO, is the  poorly-distributed BREAKFAST WITH AMY LIVE AT THE HAWLEYWOULD BOWL! on Flying Tart, which I'm proud to say I had some role in getting compiled.  Raise LOVE GIFT to the next level of Dadaism, and you get the best documentation of what the band was really like.  ALL FOUR Breakfast With Amy CDs are currently available by mail order (and pretty difficult to locate in stores): EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL was reissued last summer by Gray Dot; and original Blonde Vinyl pressings of DAD and LOVE GIFT CDs are available, along with HAWLEYWOULD BOWL directly from Flying Tart (who has been bogged down with weird circumstances, and is now catching up with a backlog of orders).  I'll post the address soon, with a copy of my liner notes from the CD commenting on Christian Dada.

The newest Fluffy, SUGAR PISTOL, is much more sophisticated in composition and production, and maintains the quirky trademark Dada poetry sensibilities, but with far more actual *content* than any other Chris Colbert project. :-) *This* is a masterpiece.  And it maintains the precedent that no Fluffy record sound anything like the others. Like HAWLEYWOULD BOWL, it so far only has a 500-copy initial pressing with limited distribution.

Amy Army General Michael Toth