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a short history of breakfast with amy.

Mr. Rhumba here; x-manager, babysitter and Bwamy hanger-on.

They were around from 1986 to 1992.

Everything (was beautiful and nothing hurt) is really 2 Demo tapes. They are sequenced backwards on the CD. Funeral to S(ocial) S(tudies) is the 1987 demo tape and Icky to (Mr.) Ed was the (1989) tape recorded at the legendary Casbah studios (of Social D fame)... The Early tape is my fave. Far better, more Echo and the Bmen in sound...

(The short happy life of) Henrietta is really meaningful if you knew how it was recorded and what it was about. Chris and Dave constantly fought. Dave knew we booked the studio for a certain time. Dave got there and had nothing ready. Chris played back a ruff track that had been being worked on and made Dave read/yell the only stuff he had written. It happened to be a poem about C.S. Lewis. Mermelstein (and the disappearing sink)(is) the greatest piece about xian sloganism ever.

And (Tuck in your) Love Gift does exist in at least 2 forms. I'll tell you the story someday, if you want.

There is also a LIVE Bwamy album called Live at the hawleywould bowl. It is great if you ever saw them live. It mirrors the poor performances and bad sound perfectly! I frankly love it but most reviews bitch about how "tinny" it sounds and how "bad" the band performances are. Both of descriptions fit very well and typify the truth about the group.*

Chris is in LA/OC CA area somewhere. Caryn is in Nashville (they divorced about 7 years ago). Dave is in Fullerton CA. Bob is in Nashville and Paul is somewhere in LA, CA too. I am a reference librarian in Corvallis Oregon.

Enuff yakin, have fun and eat more cheeze weenies.


*Ok, so here's the dirt on the new Amy thing...
We edited it down (Mr. Rhumba & Dingleberry) over Christmas.  It is near full CD capacity and has TONS of cover all the hits of course. There is a 45 slated for some time early this year with an unreleased version of Jello Wiggle, Green Tambourine and a Live Social Studies.  If you liked Amy (?) you'll *LOVE* this masterpiece.  The recordings are from 1988-1993 and they are quite zany.  Cheers to those keeping the Blonde Vinyl myth alive. Oh, the Live project and the 45 will be available from flying tart...  If you can't find someone that carries their stuff, drop me some mail and we'll get it straightened out!
-mr. rhumba

"Existence Is Entertainment"- Breakfast With Amy
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