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Dec. 2003

From: Mr. Rick
To: Mr. Rhumba

I was just exploring some online opportunities for exploiting the Amy legacy, remember a couple years ago I started an Amy site on Tripod?

I think about now it would be better to host the site on its own, not on an ad-supported server like tripod or geocities. You know we could get the domain name through GoDaddy, then transfer hosting to Doteasy. No ads, nuthin!

I'm planning for this site to be the one-time, one-stop suppository for all things Amy. Info on CD releases, where to get them, T-shirts, frisbees (ahem, I mean "flying discs"), wall clocks, boxer shorts, etc. all made by CafePress; no inventory, setup costs, worries about fulfilling shipping or any of that crap. I remember as far back as 1990 speaking with you at Cornerstone about ideas for Amy merchandise. Now with the web, most of this is actually possible, and affordable. A stamp-less mailing list for instance.

I read some comments you and Toth posted on various sites and newsgroups, I'd like permission to include those comments on the site, as well as the interview Toth did with Dave, Chris, Caryn, you and Trish in 1990 at Cornerstone Festival (cached for posterity on!). If Simmons has access currently to a CD burner, maybe we can also offer some rare Amy recordings and whatnot either by Cd-R or in MP3 format... whaddya think? I still have on disc all those photos you sent (most anyways...); any additional material can be sent (preferably on CD-R) to my home address. All I have to do is FTP the material to the Doteasy server (when we register).

Looking forward to hearing from you; please forward this to any interested parties you may know (band or associated).


From: Mr. Rhumba

OK Rick, I've CC'd all the living members, errrrr, people that once knew who
BWA was, to see what ideas we get. I'm sure something SHOULD be done, not
sure what though. So Chrissy, what say ye about us trying to make money in
Amy's name? An MP3-CD-ROM Multimedia extravaganzo might really kick ass...

Mary Xmas and Hippy Nude Year to you all...


From: Rick

For some idea what I have been working on, see
(new FTP thingy). Only a few links work right now (Archive, Words, History), but mind you this was all done this morning.

Howz about a Amy DVD????!!!

From: Mike Simmons

one of these days I'm gonna re-digitize all the live DATS we made as the source tapes from 'hawleywould bowl'.  I doubt there's much point in going back to the REAL masters... though considering the new advancements in mastering, that might not be a bad idea.  I don't remember wether the dats I have were messed with or not.  We had to do some eq and re-channeling & stuff from the 2-track 'tapes' we had (mostly hi-fi VHS & cassettes).  We probably put some echo on them too.. but they need to be compressed & mastered correctly.  If only I could trust my old DAT machine to work & not chew up the tapes... I'd
get crackin.  Do I have a burner?  I had a burner before anyone else you know!  :)

but yeah, I guess a CD rom would be feasable.  Why anyone would want it I can't imagine.  And I don't suppose SAVING them for some other money-making purpose later would be to any advantage.  The quality of most everything (the live stuff anyway) is hardly worth worrying about.

From: Rick

Does anyone actually have any unused Amy tracks (studio, demo or otherwise) still laying around? I'm sure there was some material that went unused for whatever reason. Just to get a couple MP3s up and get a mailing list together and test the water as it were. Also any stories about Amy on the road, in the studio and at that really bad burger joint in Fullerton where many a chili cheese burger with chili cheese fries was consumed....  any drawings, photos, video clips (quicktime or etc.), interviews, articles, etc. for the website?

By the way Mr. R, how much would charge for hosting?

Peace love and tinkertoys,

From: Mr. Toth

On Dec 28, 2003, at 1:31 AM, Rick wrote:

> Howz about a Amy DVD????!!!

The unreleased hour-long video is sometimes considered THE definitive Amy document. Technology is to a point that we should definitely consider this for 2004, particularly if Rick or somebody is willing to figure out how to sell them and fulfill orders. I first need to
digitally encode the BetacamSP master though.

The other big thing that needs to see the light of day is the CD with the unreleased "Tuck In Your Love Gift" with the unreleased "Green Jello with Oatmeal" 7-inch material as bonus tracks.

Life's pretty kooky here for the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to think about all this later in January...

Thanks for your persistent interest, Rick!!!